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SBEX Recapitalization of Debt

A re-capitalization of debt allows a business owner to secure additional working capital for the continued growth of their business, while still maintaining a continued ownership position going forward. An ideal company is one which has sales of $ 8 MM to $ 50 MM per year and which generates adjusted earnings (EBITDA) of $ 1 MM to $ 15 MM per year). There are various types and sizes of Private Equity Groups (PEG's) who focus their investments in specific industries and market segments. This is where our knowledge and expertise comes in.

SBEX has one of the largest active data bases of Private Equity Groups (PEG's) in the country. We have long-term relationships with hundreds of of these groups and know specifically what each firm is seeking to invest in, both for "Platform" type companies, as well as for add-on acquisitions. Most of the PEGs SBEX works with have committed funds that range in size from $100 MM to well over $1 Billion from which they invest into companies. 

SBEX also has extensive relationships with a large number of Mezzanine (Sub-debt) lenders, who provide growth capital for entrepreneurs who have grown their business beyond the capacity of traditional senior banks, due to lending/asset ratios. The ideal type of owner who is a candidate for sub-debt/mezzanine type investments, are owners who are seeking to continue to grow their business, who also want to maintain operating control long term, but who are in need of additional working capital for growth.

SBEX's professionals advise their clients on each of these options and will implement a "customized", confidential marketing plan in order to negotiate and facilitate the transaction using the maximum leverage possible. Please call us for more details.


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