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SBEX is a leading middle-market boutique Mergers & Acquisitions firm which professionally facilitates the confidential sale of businesses in the lower middle market. Our professionals have successfully completed hundreds of transactions and thoroughly understand the challenges that exist in executing these size transactions. Typical Business Brokers or Intermediaries offer smaller businesses for sale, but lack the skill, knowledge and expertise of an investment banker. The professionals at SBEX have decades of M & A experience across many industries and are truly experts at creating the utmost leverage in every transaction.

SBEx has a proven and highly unique sale process, which is unlike all other investment banking firms or intermediary firms. Our sale process has been developed and perfected over several decades and is one which maximizes shareholder value, while maintaining the strictest of confidentiality. Our unique process begins with “YOU” and your company. We go the extra mile and consult with every business owner to thoroughly understand their company, their markets, strengths, weaknesses, competition, etc… and most importantly… exactly what the owner desires in the way of a buyer. 

We do NOT mass-market businesses for sale as most all other investment banking and intermediary firms do, as this can easily create a breach of confidentiality. Our unique process is very selective and involves a proprietary selection and “matching” process, which creates significant extra value for our clients. SBEX’s proven systems and processes have been developed over the past two decades. These proprietary processes enable us to filter out undesired buyers and at the same time, select and secure the most appropriate buyers who will find the most synergies and value in your company. The extra steps SBEXtakes for our clients during our unique process, are truly realized by the amount of funds our clients receive in our transactions and at the closing table. Please view CUSTOM-TAILORED PROCESS for more information.

One of our primary objectives is to ensure our clients know the various options they have when exploring either a short term or long term exit strategy. These may include a complete sale, partial sale, re-capitalization, seeking a partner, or a delayed sale/transaction. The decision process for each of these options, typically depends on many factors including: timing, the owner’s health, age/retirement plans, owner’s desire to stay on board after a sale, retaining equity, management, spouse, or family issues/concerns, etc. During the initial stages of our process it is critical we thoroughly understand your company, your situation, and your desires and preferences in a transaction.

Due to the decades of experience our professionals have in the lower middle market, we have significant experience in a number of industries and market segments. Please see INDUSTRIES SERVED for more information. SBEX clients typically range in size from $2 MM to $35 MM in sales, however, we have also served numerous clients having sales exceeding $50 MM - $100+ MM per year.




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