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SBEX Custom-Tailored Process

SBEX's highly unique and custom-tailored approach is vastly different from the approach of other intermediary and investment banking firms. 

We treat each individual transaction with the time, respect & care it deserves, while maximizing your company’s value, by creating the utmost leverage possible.

We tailor the sale process to each individual business/organization because no two companies or owners are alike and each owner has different needs and motivations within a transaction. During the initial phase of our sale process, it is extremely important we thoroughly understand the various aspects and composition of your business, including its strengths, weaknesses, depth of the management team, markets served, customers, competitors, etc. in order to secure the appropriate buyers, maximize its value using leverage, and close the transaction accordingly.  

Unlike most intermediary firms, our closure & success rate is extremely high.  Our high success rate is due to our highly unique sale process and due to the fact we only accept engagements with owners who are serious about executing a sale. We also seek to align ourselves with clients who understand and appreciate working with a professional intermediary firm and who desires to engage a firm who truly delivers on what they say they can do. 

Our goals are to make the confidential sale process easier for you and your business and to maximize shareholder value, while maintaining the strictest of confidentiality. When you engage the professional advisory services of SBEX, you can be rest assured you and your company’s best interests and future are our primary focus.  We are highly selective regarding working with buyers; we do not waste your time with those who are not serious or whom cannot complete a transaction. Let us tailor the process for you so you can have the success and financial rewards you deserve.

Due to our decades of experience, we work with many different types of businesses, serving a cross section of various industries. A few of these are shown in INDUSTRIES SERVED and in TRANSACTIONS.




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