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Type of Businesses of Interest, If specific, List here:
Mfg   Distribution   Service   Healthcare Services   Ambulance Services   Childcare/Education   Home Care Svc    Other

If Manufacturing, circle interest:
Machining    Metal Fabrication   Metal Stamping  
Machinery (Product)   Wood related   Printing related Packaging related
Plastics/Film related   Chemical related   Structural Steel
HVAC/Air Flow related SIC Code specific

Size businesses of interest, approx. annual gross sales $
# of employees

Cash Flow expectations at time of acquisition $
Min. Annual Sales expectations $

Will you consider looking at under-performing businesses and/or turnarounds?
Yes No

What areas will you consider in buying a business?
Only within miles of Charlotte
Anywhere in the Carolinas
Anywhere in the Southeast
Anywhere in the USA

What is the nature of your core business?
Other interests or holdings?

Your approx. Annual Sales $  
Yr founded   Private or Publicly owned?

Total Company Assets $
Total Debt $ Liquid $

Your Website  
Corp. Email address

Why are you considering an acquisition?

Valuation Multiple Range of EBITDA (Discretionary Cash Flow) Expectations

Have you ever aquired a business previously? Yes No
If so, what kind and when

Have you ever worked with any other brokers? Yes No
If so, who?

Have you ever worked with any other brokers in our office? Yes No
If so, who?

How did you come in contact with Southeast Business Exchange:
(newspaper. internet, yellowpages, referral, etc)

Other comments:




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