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SBEX Business Brokerage

The professionals at Southeast Business Exchange have been successfully facilitating the sale of small to mid-sized businesses for over 30 years. SBEX’s business brokerage division serves clients whom have yearly sales of $750,000 to $2,500,000 per year. These size businesses typically include a larger amount of proprietary equity, as the owners of these businesses are very involved in the day to day running of the company and play a key role in its success. As such, the relationship between seller and buyer is key to a successful transaction. SBEX understands the importance of this and this is truly our forte’. Our MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS team facilitates the sale of larger businesses in the middle market ($2,500,000 to $35,000,000+ in sales), as this process and skill-set is much different and more complex than Business Brokerage and requires a different approach.

Securing The Right “Fit”

Our team at SBEXtakes great pride and diligence to thoroughly understand “you”, your company and your goals in every transaction; this is important so we do not waste your time with buyers who will not be a good “fit”. Finding the right “fit” between Buyer & Seller is our forte’. It is extremely important for us to know as much as possible about your company, it history, its strengths, weaknesses, management team, competition, markets served, processes, financials, tax strategies and other factors that affect both the value you will receive, as well as whom the most appropriate buyer(s) will be for your company. 

Selling Your “Child”

We understand most owners have built their business over many years and in many cases there is a significant emotional “attachment” and bond. Many owners feel so strongly about this, their companies are truly considered equal to a second “child” to them. SBEX knows you want your “child” to be well cared for when you hand it off to a buyer… You want to know the buyer will nurture it, fertilize it and help it grow to the next level and many years into the future.  We understand these emotional attachments and take great pride in making sure we secure the most appropriate buyers during our process. 

See SBEX’s CUSTOM-TAILORED PROCESS for more information. We take great pride in offering a highly unique experience and sale process for our clients, which ultimately generates more value for you, our client.




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