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SBEX Entrepreneurial/Individual Questionnaire

Type of Businesses of Interest, If specific, List here:
Mfg   Distribution   Service   Healthcare   Ambulance   Other

Industry interest:
Machining Job Shop related   Metal Fabrication   Metal Stamping  
Machinery (Product)   Wood related   Printing related Packaging related
Plastics/Film related   Chemical related   Structural Steel
HVAC/Air Flow related Medical/Healthcare Logistics/Transport
Building Materials    or     Specific Products/Svcs of interest:

Size businesses of interest, approx. annual gross sales $
# of employees

Cash Flow expectations at time of acquisition $

Will you consider looking at under-performing businesses and/or turnarounds?
Yes No

What areas will you consider in buying a business?
Only within miles of
Anywhere in the Carolinas
Anywhere in the Southeast

Preferred amount of cash personally available and willing to invest?

Source of funds:
(Financial Statement and Confidentiality Agreement must be submitted)

Why are you looking to buy a business?

Previous employment/background
(if possible please provide a resume to
as this will assist us greatly in our matchmaking process):

How long have you been looking to buy a business?
If not immediately, how soon would the ideal time be to buy a business?

List your strengths (ex. Management, Marketing, Sales, etc.)

Have you ever owned a business previously? Yes No
If so, what kind

Approximate current household annual income $

Will anyone else be joining you in this venture? Yes No
If so, who?

Have you ever worked with any other brokers? Yes No
If so, who?

Have you ever worked with any other brokers in our office? Yes No
If so, who?

How did you come in contact with Southeast Business Exchange:
(newspaper. internet, yellowpages, referral, etc)




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